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How Do You Sleep Train Your Baby?

If your young child continually refuses to go to bed and you just feel exhausted after a day of doing house chores or going to work, it is time that you try out some new tactics to put your child to sleep. Sleep training is not an easy and simple task to do. As a matter of fact, it would take a lot of planning, patience and dedication from you as a mother. But you can bet that it will be all worth it. In just a matter of weeks, you should see your baby sleeping through.

Why Is Sleep Training Necessary?

There are babies who love to sleep. You just need to wait for them to get past the newborn stage, and you can almost surely see them watching their eyes slowly and fall asleep so quickly. However, there are babies who just don’t want to go to sleep!

If your child is just not born a natural sleep-lover, this should not cause you too much concern. Of course you could get so annoyed that you have to get up almost every night just to cuddle, rock or simply soothe her back so she could go back to sleep. While doing these things is seen as a natural obligation for parents, you also have to worry about what the effects of sleep deprivation on you are.

Not getting enough sleep could affect your moods, your health and well-being as well as your relationship with your child. It would naturally occur to you that you both owe to each other how well you both sleep at night.

Sleep training your child is necessary if you think that your lack of sleep is already affecting your quality of life. Many parents end up successful with their sleep training, so there is no reason why you should not try it as well.

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What Is Sleep Training All About?

Sleep training is simply about teaching your baby to go to sleep on her own, rather than always relying on you to put her to sleep. This process would require a lot of effort from you for it to succeed. Remember that your sleep training efforts will not yield positive results if you are not determined enough to see it through.
Before you start sleep training your child, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself first:

  • Is your child over 6 months? If not, it is very unlikely that this sleep training will work.
  • Is your child settled and healthy? You shouldn’t even think about sleep training a baby who is either ill or still unaccustomed to the surroundings.
  • Are you ready for the challenges? Almost all of the unsuccessful sleep-training efforts are due to the parent’s lack of determination, which causes them to give up early on.

How to Get Started

  • Talk to a health practitioner about your plans of sleep training your baby.
  • Be sure that you talk to your partner about this plan so that you could both be ready to support each other in this process.
  • Make sure that you do not keep yourself busy with other activities before you start with this plan.
  • Be patient enough to battle with your child’s will. You have to understand that your child is so used to her old routine, and it will naturally be hard for her to get accustomed to a new one.
  • Be ready to be firm and not think that being consistent is cruel or mean to your child. Your baby will not stop loving you even as you try to set boundaries with her at night.

Teaching Your Child to Sleep Alone

Your main goal is to help your child learn how to go to sleep on her own. You can start by setting a quiet and relaxing bedtime routine. Just like the common bath, feed, story routine. Then tuck her into bed when she’s already sleepy yet still awake. Slowly turn off the light and kiss her goodnight. It would help if you could tuck in beside her a teddy bear, for instance, but this is not advisable for kids under 12 months.

What to Do Next?

If your baby cries before you get out of the room… Read more Leesa vs Casper for bedroom before going to sleep

Go back to her bed quietly, and when she cries, just say good night once again. With mattress website, You may also just stroke her cheek or hand to make her feel assured.

On the second night, do the same, but this time you should move your chair further from her bed . On the third night, you should move farther until you are actually sitting next to the door.

If your baby cries after you left her…

You can do the same thing if she cries as you leave the room. Come to her and make her feel secure, and then slowly walk back and out the door. You may need to do this repeatedly until she is settled and a sleep.

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